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AR-558 Assault Rifle - new by Jon-Michael-May
AR-558 Assault Rifle - new
Not sure why the smaller version looks different. That's strange. Oh well. Make sure you check out the larger version.
ATC-125J Cayuga Pave Low IV WIP 2 - new side view by Jon-Michael-May
ATC-125J Cayuga Pave Low IV WIP 2 - new side view
So I'm finally putting some real work into the side view of the Cayuga.  Needless to say, this doesn't even come close to matching what I have of the most recent version of the Cayuga, seen here:…

Some reconciliation is going to need to happen with both designs, but I definitely want to lose the front cockpit/windows that were lifted from the MH-53.  Other changes will likely happen as well as elements from both designs are merged into one...hopefully.

ETA: Better coloring and threw in a Bushmaster for scale....I want it to be able to carry a Bushmaster internally...but as it is, the Bushmaster won't clear the Cayuga's tail.  This can be partially solved in two ways.  First, the Bushmaster has an adjustable ride height, so it can sit lower to the ground when it doesn't need to clear off road obstacles.  Secondly, the Cayuga's landing gear can be height adjusted.  So by lowering the front and raising the back, there should be enough clearance to drive a Bushmaster into the cargo's a minor detail that will likely never come up, but it's something I decided to add because I my brain thinks about that type of thing. lol

Still working on the engines.

ETA: Tweaking colors, adding shadows, and attempting some weathering...mixed results.
ETA: One more for tonight.
ETA: Adding details, trying out my first attempt at drawing a camo-scheme...still need to work on the weathering...went a bit overboard on the engines.
ETA: 3\2\14 Update...I need to fix the weathering effects to reflect some recent changes...still trying to tweak the camo, adding details.
ETA: 9/25/2014 Working with layers and additional weathering effects...also trying to get the size of the engines right.

ETA: 9/28/14...Tweaking details.
Star Trek WIP 2 by Jon-Michael-May
Star Trek WIP 2
I came across an old sketch I had doodled on a piece of paper, so I scanned the drawing and fleshed it out a bit.  I picture this as a heavy escort (possibly even a light cruiser due simple to overall size), similar to the Defiant class, but able to undertake much longer missions.

ETA: last one for tonight...promise. :)
A Starfleet Dauntless by Jon-Michael-May
A Starfleet Dauntless
What if Starfleet actually built the U.S.S. Dauntless that Voyager encountered in the Delta quadrant. It might look something like this.


Jon May
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Facebook: (I'll be changing the Method of Life page, to a general Author Fanpage soon, so that it's not just about the one book, but about everything I'm working on.)

I've published my first novel, Method of Life. Buy it, read it, review it:

The Synopsis:
In The Future:
There was no great war of nations, no thundering voice from the sky unleashing a rapture of judgment on the kneeling masses, and no great extinction level event of cataclysmic proportions. The Fall of Man came incrementally over half a century, in the form of economic and social decay, spiraling civilization into collapse without so much as a whimper.

At least that's the story people believed.

Many had tried throughout human history to control the world. Dictators had conquered half the globe and free men had seen their efforts squandered by the selfish masses. Never had either side done as much to unite humanity in common cause, as Jacob Morrison. Where they had failed, he succeeded, binding humanity in a single effort to halt his reign of destruction across the world.

Together, they repaid his treason with blindfolded gunfire. And after a time, all that remained of his legacy was a son that had never known his father and the broken world left to rebuild.

The Method of Life:
Caleb Johansen has spent his life hidden away from those who might wish to see him answer for his fathers crimes against the world. In an effort to to blame anyone for their poor lot in life, the past has finally caught up with him in the town of Rosa. A resettlement camp abandoned by the government and turned self sufficient community, Rosa is an island amid the wasteland that stretches out between the privately owned Districts, where a lucky few live lives of luxury.

As his ailing guardian prepares him for the next step in his life, Caleb must entrust his future to soldiers of fortune hired to ensure his protection. Harmon McCullough is such a man, though not without a conscience and the understanding of the larger stakes in play and the risks involved for the band of brothers standing with him and friends on the wrong side of his mission.

Creasy is one such friend, and must contend with the one obstacle Harmon presents, a currency not in great supply. Dispatched from the District New Haven to take Caleb into custody by any means necessary, Harmon and Creasy will meet for the last time in Rosa, both with the realization that nothing can stand in the way of completing their missions.

Caught in the middle of their everyday lives, Alaster and Veda Nelthrope must contend with being swept into the whirlwind of danger sweeping through Rosa. With problems of their own, their lives may never be the same as the interaction with events unfolding around them force resolutions from aspects of their lives they both had been afraid to face.

One night will change their lives forever and by the time the sun rises, their worlds will never be the same.
I've been working on what I call The New Haven Chronicles, (my near future military sci-fi universe/series) for the better part of seven years.  It's time for a break.  With any luck, I'm going to be going back to school in the fall, so that seems like a good time to step away from New Haven for a bit and for a lack of a better term, recharge.  I've been so devoted to one project or another for so long, that I haven't really lived.  Everything else has been on hold or taken a back seat to art.  So for at least a little while, there will a noticeable drop starting this fall. 

I have a few things coming before then and I'll certainly check in from time to time, so it won't be completely dead here.

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